Washing Line, 2018

Back in April I did a group exhibition as part of a collective called Interplay in Centrespace Gallery, Bristol

We are a group of artists and professional Art Psychotherapist, who met on our MA course at the University of South Wales. It’s our first show together, title: ONE and we are planning to do yearly exhibitions. It’s an excellent chance for us to keep our connection with each other and to continue and share our arts practice.


I exhibited three pieces of work:

‘Washing Line’ 2018

Muslin cotton, indigo dye and thread


Navigating relationships, vulnerability and intimacy – what is public and what is private, areas of protection and conflict.

Using natural indigo dye and shibori techniques, I was inspired by the ‘right to dry’ movement in America, it highlights how people are and are not allowed to use public space to dry their washing.  My process was also influenced by Rebecca Solnits essay ‘Grandmothers Spider’ (2014) which starts with a painting in which a women is both existing and being obliterated by hanging out the washing.

Using the medium of textiles, I have been reflecting and exploring how I am within intimate relationships, questioning the lineage of this, and the what, where and how of sharing my inner world.

This is an ongoing piece of work, I will continue to stitch, patch and adapt the pieces of fabric.

The Walk, 2017.

Postcards, watercolour, pencil, thread, objects


This was a piece in response to The walk

Internal Mapping, 2017

Cotton handkerchief, thread, mixed fabric, needle. 

Internal Mapping

I was selling some embroidered prints of this image – please get in touch if you are interested in buying one.

We have a meeting planned to organise our next exhibition for 2019, please have a look at the website Interplay Collective for more information on the other artists in the collective.


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